Invites to Asia-Oceania Closed Qualifier

Invites for the ASIA-OCEANIA closed qualifier

The qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 is around the corner. Having learnt from past experiences in the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Qualifiers, we’ve decided to include the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the Asia Qualifiers, while the rest of Middle East will play in the EU qualifiers. This is to ensure the teams from the entire region get the fairest pings possible where it won’t be a hindrance in their matches.


Based on their 2017 results and ranking, the following two teams have been invited directly to the Closed Qualifier.

1 Mo
2 DD
3 somebody
4 HZ
5 BnTeT
2 Gratisfaction
3 MoeycQ
4 erkaSt
Open qualifier schedule

The Open Qualifiers in the various regions will take place on June 11-18th, each region having their own qualifier. All matches will be played best-of-one in a single-elimination bracket, except the Semis and Finals which will be best-of-three. The top six teams from the Open Qualifier will advance to the Closed Qualifier.

Oceania – 1 slot to closed qualifier – June 11-13th
GCC – 1 slot to closed qualifier – June 12-14th
India & SEA – 2 slots to closed qualifier – June 12-15th
East Asia – 1 slot to closed qualifier – June 16-18th
China – 1 slot to closed qualifier – June 16-18th

Closed qualifier schedule

The Closed Qualifier is set to take place on June 23-25th, with six teams from the Open Qualifiers joined by two invited teams. It will be played online with Singapore or Taiwan as the server locations. Teams who qualify for the closed qualifiers are advised to bear this in mind. All matches will be played best-of-three in a single-elimination bracket, the team winning the qualifier will qualify for the event incl. travel and accommodation.


Should you have any questions regarding the qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Malmö, then don’t hesitate to reach out via csgo(at)

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