For specific questions about Malmö Arena, please visit their FAQ.

Will there be LAN seats?
DreamHack Masters Malmö will not feature a BYOC setup like the DreamHack festivals such as DreamHack Winter and DreamHack Summer.

Can I watch the group stage live?
No, the group stage is closed to the public, only the playoffs will have a live audience.

When will the event open/close?
The venue will open at 10:00 AM on both Saturday (September 2nd) and Sunday (September 3rd), and will close when the last match is played, approximately around 11:00 PM. A full schedule will be posted closer to the event.

Will the regular tickets have specific seating?
Regular tickets will have specific seating, premium is free seating on the floor (limited amount).

Will you be able to buy a ticket on site?
Yes, you can also buy tickets in any Ticketmaster’s offices.

When buying a ticket, what payment methods can I use?
Online you can pay by card or using your Internet bank. In the Ticketmaster’s offices you can pay by card or cash.

Can you refund a purchased ticket?
For DreamHack Masters Malmö we will follow Ticketmaster’s policy which can be found here.

Will there be access to bars and restaurants?
Yes, info can be found at Malmö Arenas own webpage.

Is there any age limit?
DreamHack Masters Malmö is open for all ages but the event contains content and areas not suitable or open for all ages. At the event there will be tournament areas, exhibitors and partner areas that can and will showcase games and other material not suitable for all ages. For visitors under 18 we recommend a legal guardian or a parent to assist.

At the DreamHack Masters Malmö event the primary game will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where only professional and invited players can participate in the tournament. The visitors can only spectate and watch the tournament live on-stage, where it’s presented in a eSports context and where teams are competing against other teams.

DreamHack Masters Malmö will also feature a expo area where other computer and video games can be featured both as a spectator and as for demonstration. The expo area can feature products with different PEGI ratings.

Read more about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive here.
Read more about PEGI Sweden here.

Do I need my passport?
Yes, when entering Sweden you will need a valid passport.

I am press and need a press pass, what do I do?
Apply for a press ID by sending us an email to press(at)dreamhack.com containing a brief explanation of your site, publication or company and Website URL. We will also need contact information including: Name, Email, Mobile phone number, Twitter handle (if any). Please be prepared to demonstrate proof of your editorial function, copy of publication masthead stating your editorial title, copy of a by-lined article, letter of assignment on official publication letterhead, valid press card issued by a recognized organisation etc.

I’m in a wheelchair, does my assistant also need to buy a ticket?
When you buy a Regular 2-day Pass you don’t have to buy an extra ticket, but if you buy a Premium pass your assistent need to buy a ticket due to the limited amount of space on the floor.

I’m a premium ticket holder but my friends are regular ticket holders, can I sit with them in the regular seating area?
No, the regular seating area is specific seating.

How can I get to the event?
You have the opportunity to go by train, flight, car and even bike if you are a local. More info in our Travel Guide.

Why is the price higher on Ticketmaster than stated on the DreamHack website?
Because Ticketmaster adds a service fee for the ticket.