Travel to Malmö Arena

Visiting address

Main Entrance: Hyllie Stationstorg 4, 215 32 Malmö
Skybox Entrance: Arenagatan 11, 215 32 Malmö.
Premium and VIP Entrance: Arenagatan 15, 215 32 Malmö.
Ticnet Office: Arenagatan 17, 215 32 Malmö.

Please don’t forget your passport, you will need it upon entering Sweden!

Map of the Area

By Train

Since a new railway link was introduced in December 2010, a travel between Malmö Central Station and Hyllie (where Malmö Arena is situated) only takes 7-9 minutes. The trains from Malmö C runs every 10 minutes. There are also trains that goes between Hyllie and stations in Copenhagen, including Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen City.

There are three types of trains that stop at Hyllie:

  • Öresundstågen connect Scania and the Southern Sweden with Kastrup and Copenhagen area. Those trains stops at Malmö C, Triangeln, and Hyllie.
  • Pågatågen are local trains that come from the Northern Scania and are making a stop at every station.
  • Long-distance trains: some of those with final destination Copenhagen or Kastrup stop even at Hyllie.
By city bus

Malmö Arena can be reached by buses No. 5, 6 and 33 – they all stop on the west side of Hyllie Stationstorg, just outside the train station Hyllie. Use Skånetrafiken’s online travel planner to plan your journey.

By regional bus

The Arena can be also reached by regional buses: No. 346 from Trelleborg, No. 300 from Falsterbo, and No. 170 from Lund. These buses stop at the south side of Hyllie Stationstorg. For assistance on how to reach Malmö Arena, please call Skånetrafiken’s customer service centre on telephone number: +46 (0)771-77 77 77.

By Car

For traffic from Sweden, the best route to Malmö Arena is to take the Outer Ring Road (Yttrering) towards Copenhagen and turn off at the last exit in Sweden (‘Malmö V’), then follow the signs to Malmö Arena.

For traffic from Denmark, cross the Öresund Bridge link and continue along the main E65 motorway for about 5 km, then take the exit road marked ‘Malmö Väst‘ and follow the signs to Malmö Arena.


There are three car parks currently open in the vicinity of Malmö Arena: P-väster (entrance from Lorensborgsgatan), P-öster (entrance from Pildammsvägen), and P-norr (entrance from Annetorpsvägen). The largest car park – P-öster – is situated on the east side at Pildammsvägen. All car parks are served by parking ticket automats. Payment (in advance) is in Swedish coins or by credit card. The automats accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Hydro, OKQ8, Preem, Shell, Statoil and VolvoCard, as well as SMS Parking and Easy Parking.

By Bicycle

You can also bike to Malmö Arena via Kroksbäck and Kroksbäck Park. Follow the signs to Hyllie and then to Malmö Arena. To find out which bicycle lanes you should take from where you are, collect a copy of the map of bicycle lines, for instance from Tourist Office, or visit Skånetrafiken’s bicycle planner at