When will DreamHack Masters Las Vegas take place?
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas will take place 15-19th of February 2017.

Where will DreamHack Masters Las Vegas take place?
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas will take place at the MGM Grand Casino Floor for the group stage on 15-17th of February 2017, while the playoffs will be played in the MGM Grand Garden Arena on 18-19th of February 2017.

I would like to come watch the group stage on the casino floor, is that possible?
Yes, anyone can come to the group stage on the casino floor since there is no gaming in the vicinity. No ticket is required. Viewing space might be limited.

How is the viewing of the matches going to be in the arena?
With the center stage, we will create a square jumbotron with four big panels, one facing each side of the arena.

Will the tickets have specific seating?
General Admission: Free seating in the selected section.
Premium: Assigned seating in the selected section
All In: Free seating on the floor.

I’m a Premium ticket holder but my friends are General Admission holders, can I sit with them in the regular seating area?
No, your ticket will only give you access to your ticket tier section.

I am a General Admission ticket holder, will I have access to signing sessions with teams?
No, only Premium and All In tickets will grant access to the signing sessions.

When will the event open/close?
The arena will open one hour before the show goes live each day and will close shortly after the last match is played. The full schedule will be announced closer to the event.

Will there be access to bars and restaurants?
There will be access to concession within the MGM Grand Garden Arena, many additional options can be found in the MGM Grand complex, including a food court.

Is re-entry permitted?
Yes, attendees may enter and exit the venue throughout as they please. General Admission ticket holders needs to save their ticket for re-entry, Premium and All In ticket holders will exchange their tickets for wristbands that allows re-entry on both Saturday and Sunday.

Will there be LAN seats?
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas will not feature a BYOC setup like traditional DreamHack Festivals.

What is the contents of the goodie bag for the Premium / All In tickets?
We’ve not revealed the contents of the goodie bag yet. Normally it is the event-exclusive goodies, so you have some items to take bring home from the event. The All In goodie bag will be slightly different than the Premium goodie bag, while still containing some of the same items.

When buying a ticket, what payment methods can I use?
Online you can pay with multiple credit card options.

Why is the price higher on AXS than it says on your webpage?
We are listing price excluding sales taxes & service fees, those will be added on top on checkout.

Can you refund a purchased ticket?
For DreamHack Masters Las Vegas we will follow AXS policy which can be found here.

Is there any age limit?
No, viewers of any age are welcome in the arena.

I’m in a wheelchair, does my assistant also need to buy a ticket?
Yes, everyone in the party has to have a ticket.

Do I need my passport?
If you are flying in for the event, then yes most definitely. We recommend bringing passport or other photo ID for onsite verification of age.

I am press and need a press pass, what do I do?
For press accreditation contact us via press(at)dreamhack.se.

Is parking available?
The MGM Grand offers parking for an additional cost.

What are the prohibited items/actions list?
Here is a list of all prohibited items and actions at the venue: Prohibited Items List.

I won’t be able to attend the event, how can I still watch it?
For fans unable to join us in Las Vegas can catch all of the action live on our online stream.

I did not find a reply to my question, is there someone I can contact?
Please reach out to us via esport(at)dreamhack.se with your question and we will reply.